Mike McAlister – Music Lessons

Guitar/Bass/Piano Lessons for only $80 a month
includes; 1 half hour private lesson once a week

Lessons will cover:

Basic Chords
Music Theory
Ear Training (developing relative pitch)
Developing Strum Patterns
How to build chord progressions
How to improvise over a progression
Sight Reading

Wherever you are in your playing ability, Mike can help you get where you want to go. He teaches every day but Sunday at two locations. Mon., Thurs. and Fridays he is in Huntsville at Railroad Bazaar at 4321 University Dr. he also manages the store. Tues., Wed. and Sat. he is in Harvest at his home where he has his own  recording studio, 208 Ariel Dr. Harvest, AL 35749.

Mike McAlister: Cell 256-679-9342 | Email: mike@studio144.net

Mike, a married father of four, has been teaching guitar, bass guitar, piano, and an assortment of other stringed instruments professionally for the last 10 years. Mike’s passion is  not just to teach people how to physically play these instruments but to emphasize the language of music. He is well versed in many styles of music; blues, rock, country, classical, jazz, contemporary and traditional worship.

He is a versatile working musician who plays locally in Huntsville, AL with several groups, including; The Blue Handel Band/Blues, The Three Amigos/Latin, The Valentine Trio/Jazz combo, and the Winslow Davis/Fusion, featuring an electric violin. He has also led worship and played on numerous praise teams at several churches. He can advise you on the dynamics of live performances in several different venues for a variety of audiences.

Mike is an award winning songwriter who loves to teach the art of songwriting and has the facilities to do recordings of your band or solo act for only $30/per hour.

Call or Email today to schedule a lesson, book the studio or schedule one of his groups for your next event, Mike is also available for solo gigs like weddings.

Mike McAlister: Cell 256-679-9342 | Email: mike@studio144.net

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